Gel Doc System

SHST Gel documentation system adopts 16bit scientific camera. The maximum resolution is up to 20 Megapixels, which applies delicate images.

Product Features
  • High resolution
  • F1.2 motorized lens
  • Standard 302nm UV
  • UV protection device
  • White LED plate
  • Unlimited software users



Sensitive and high resolution

Scientific 16 bit scientific camera with high quantum efficiency and resolution ensures the capture of weak signals and provides delicate images.

F1.2 motorized lens

F1.2 mortorized lens provides wide range zoom capability. The digital quantization function supports the digitization of the aperture and zoom, which greatly improves the operation experience and avoids human operation errors.

Orbital UV transmission plate

Orbital UV transilluminator makes it easier to place samples. With a UV protection shield, the system provides a wide view field to observe the samples.

Wide application

Protein gels       Coomassie brilliant blue, silver-stained glue and fluorescent dyes, such as: Sypro ™ Red, Deep Purple and Pro-Q Diamond, labeling glue/membrane/chip, etc.

DNA/RNA gels    EtBr and Gel red as standard. Other dyes are also available, such as: Gel Green, SYBR ™ Gold, SYBR ™ Green, SYBR ™ Safe, Texas Red labeled DNA / RNA detection.

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