Multifunctional Imaging

SHST Multifunctional Imaging System adopts cooled CCD camera. Its standard configuration applies western blot experiments with ECL reagents, gel documentation for samples stained with EtBr and protein gels. The IOT and fluorescence modules are optional.

Product Features
  • Fully automated
  • Fully upgradeable
  • Up to 6.05 megapixel resolution
  • IOT module is optional
  • F/0.95 or F/0.8 lens
  • 5-position motorized filter wheel
  • -30°C regulated cooling
  • Unlimited software users

SHST Multifunctional Imaging system adopts cooled scientific CCD camera. Its standard configuration applies western blot experiment with ECL reagents. Furthermore, an IOT module is optional, which enables the customers to use the instrument via MacBooks, Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, android tablet computers and smart phones instead of the traditional USB cables.



Western blot easy to go

Go out of the darkroom and get rid of the x-films. 

High sensitivity and resolution

  • 16bit cooled CCD camera

  • 6.05 Megapixels

  • Quantum Efficiency up to 78%

  • F/0.80 or F/0.95 motorized lens


Optional WIFI and IOT module (available from 31.March.2021 or earlier)

  • It realizes wireless data transmission and wireless control with smart devices such as Windows PCs, Mac computers, Macbooks, iPhones, iPads, android Tablet computer and smart phones.

  • The data can be uploaded to Claud storage, sent to appointed person or group via E-mail or social media on smart devices.

Video about our prototype equpped with WIFI and IOT imaging system

Modular design

Diverse accessories are optional for wide range of application.

Unlimited software users

SHST Softwares are free for all the users and will always be updated.

Wide range of application

Protein gels  Coomassie brilliant blue, silver-stained glue and fluorescent dyes, such as: Sypro ™ Red, Deep Purple and Pro-Q Diamond, labeling glue/membrane/chip, etc.

DNA/RNA gels    EtBr and Gel red as standard. Other dyes are also available, such as: Gel Green, SYBR ™ Gold, SYBR ™ Green, SYBR ™ Safe, Texas Red labeled DNA / RNA detection

Blotting membrane     Western Lightning ECL, ECLplus. (Fluorescence application should be customized.)

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