Deep cooperation with Haier

The cooperation between Haier and SHST is not accidental

SHST is though a new force of the bio-imaging industry, has the courage to break the tradition. 

Haier Biomedical is already a well-known specialist of biosafety and low-temperature cold chain technology in China. 

The cooperation between them is by no means accidental, and they will quickly push the laboratory to the era of Internet of things (IOT).

What's IOT

The concept 'IOT' refers to the Internet of things.

Many people may think that such concept is still a bit of science fiction, however, IOT has already been integrated into our lives in fact, for example: vending machines in streets and alleys, the storage and logistics management in shopping malls, and even our household appliances, the IOT appears everywhere and accompanies us all the time and provides us convenience for our daily life.

So what is an IOT- laboratory and which functions can it provide for the management of the laboratory? Here are some simple examples:

1. Authority management of laboratory personnel

By setting and authenticating the authority of laboratory personnel  (fingerprint or face authentication), the resources (e.g. instruments and reagents, etc.) of the laboratory can be reasonably distributed and protected, the internal management can be strengthened.

2. Instruments and reagents management

Via the authority management of laboratory personnel, the laboratory administrator can get the inventory and user information at any time, so that the administrator can not only improve the management of the inventories, but also evaluate the progress and efficiency of the experiment easily.

3. Data traceability

The instruments in the IOT laboratory can upload their working status and experimental data to the server appointed by the customer in real time, and can be traced at any time.

For example, the SHST instruments can upload the following data in real time:

  • camera temperature

  • exposure time

  • light source wavelength

  • filter wavelength

  • final results

so as to judge whether the experimental process met the experimental standards, whether the final result was true and satisfying. 

All the SHST imaging systems (including chemiluminescence imaging system, gel documentation system and multi-functional imaging system) can upload all the experimental data to the server via WIFI and IOT module, so as to provide the basis for improving the efficiency of the experiment, and preserve the authenticity of the experiment.

4. Data security

All the experimental data can be directly uploaded to the Internet or the internal server appointed by customer. The traditional data lines and USB sticks will be no longer needed. The original data can be saved automatically and securely via IOT solution with high speed data transmission, encryption algorithm and stable storage.

Certainly, with the support of IOT, more and more functions can be developed. The IOT solution is the future of the laboratory.

Our cooperation is predestined

The cooperation between "Haier Biomedical" and "SHST"  is predenstined. As early as last October, SHST's imaging systems raised the interest of Haier Biomedical. After visiting SHST's headquarters, inspecting the manufacturing process and technique, Haier Biomedical and SHST started to discuss a long term and deep cooperation with SHST. We reached the final agreement before spring festival.

The news is also the first surprise in the year 2021 for SHST. 

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