We attended Analytica China 2020!

Perfect preparation

(Figure above: The best industrial Media in China "DXY" was interviewing the CEO of SHST)

Media interview

(Figure above: Selfmedia of"CCTV" was interviewing the CEO of SHST)

A lot of visitors!

Flagship product of SHST in 2020 became the focus

The Prototype:

SH-Infinite 523 (IOT) Wireless multifunctional imaging system

It does not simply adopt a windows tablet in the "chest", but will lead the imaging system into the "Era of Imaging System 2.0" :
Wireless interaction, Internet data storage and sharing!

In year 2021

The formal product will become more beautiful and intelligent!

It will lead the "Era of Imaging system into 3.0"!

Deepen the corporation with Media continuously

SHST has reached in-depth cooperation with “DYX and Biomart”. In the future, we will break the traditional cooperation mode between the brand side and the media platform, integrate the corporate culture of each ohter, and provide stable and convenient products and the best quality services for scientific researchers.

This EXPO is the first time for SHST together with Shanghai Portal to appear on the world stage. We have already arranged the offline meeting in 2021 in advance! Please follow us!

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