Exclusive sponsorship for conference!

From September 12 to 13, 2020, the "Yangtze River Economic Belt ecological civilization Innovation Research Conference" was held in Anji, Zhejiang Province. The conference was hosted by Zhejiang University. Zhu Lizhong and Wang Jinnan, both academicians of China Academy of Engineering, attended the conference as chairmen. Lots of experts and practical elites in the field of national ecological civilization participated in the meeting to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping's important point and provide effective measures to better Chinese ecological civilization construction.

SHST, as the exclusive sponsor of the conference, was invited to the conference!

The academicians and industry elites expressed their opinions at the meeting, made suggestions for the development of China's ecological civilization construction, and finally reached a consensus.

The presence of SHST has attracted the attention of many scholars. With the development of interdisciplinary, fusion and penetration, molecular biology, as a basic science, plays an important role in many fields. As a conventional instrument for molecular biology research, SHST's products have given the elites deep impressions.

At the end of the meeting, the organizers especially appreciated our support for the conference. We were also honored to get the opportunity to get to know each other.

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