SHST's Dealer Training

The year 2020 is not an ordinary year for most industries including the life science instrument industry. After the effective control of the domestic epidemic situation, the most enterprises have returned to work, some universities have also reopened in an orderly manner. The agents and distributors of "Shenhua technology" are already ready for business.

The product's application and the Imaging knowledge

In order to make our partners know more about "Shenhua", get more familiar with "Shenhua" products and acquire more professional imaging knowledge, we organized quit a few dealer trainings in early summer. We analyzed the market environment and showed the advantages of our products.

Product demonstration

Product demonstration, as the finale, has amazed the professional visitors . Whether the gorgeous frame of the products, the quality of the imaging results, or the "comfortable feeling" of the user interface, our products showed domestic leading level.  

Intuitive Software

Shenhua Technology software provides international standard interface, which is utter intuitive, easy to be understood, and is very conducive to customer training. The intelligent auxiliary system can automatically adjust the hardwares (such as light source, filter, aperture size, focal length, etc.) according to the experiments, so that the user can avoid human misoperation and "brain burn" for the adjustment of the hardwares and improve the work efficiency.

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