Two prototypes exploded the exhibition! Can you imagine?

The great exhibition Cisile 2021 in Beijing

Out dark style booth shined all over the hall
Two prototypes caught the focus of the visitors
Customers, Distributors and even the competitors came to view the new generation
-We became the star in 2021 Cisile  Exhibition-

01 We were shocked

A simple attendance caused unexpected attention!

The explosion warning of our booth occured several times!
Experts, scholars, distributors and even our competitors came all the way to see the new systems.

02 "Protagonist“ was only prototype

After several months of R&D, the prototypes of the second generation finally appeared at the exhibition, and became the "protagonists" of SHST. Just like all the protagonists have auras, During the exhibition, the "big and small" one worked constantly, steadly and smoothly in the eyes of everyone!

(Left:Wireless and IOT multifunctional imaging system;Right:Cute Wireless and IOT chemiluminescence imaging system)


Both new models will enter the market soon.
The small one (chemiluminescence imaging system) will be provided into the market in June,2021.

03 Highlights of the meeting

The host media interviewed our manager, who introduced SHST's team and our new products!

SHST has a young and energetic team. We love learning and are committed to introduce the lastest technology to the traditional life science imaging industry. We created products with SHST's characteristics, and brought good instruments with simple use and stable operation to scientific researchers. We hope, we can bring excellent products to the industry which is totally comparable with international brands.

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